Ring Enhancers Buying Guide

Ring Guards

Why a Ring Guard?

A diamond ring guard, sometimes referred to as a ring insert, will immediately update your classic diamond solitaire ring. It will give a look that is greatly enhanced.

Whether you’re looking for a guard to be worn as a wedding band or an anniversary gift to commemorate that special relationship or any other memorable event, these specialty guards can create a modest but elegant change to your current solitaire ring. There are countless ring guard styles that convert a solitaire ring into an elegant new styling. They will instantly enhance the overall look of your solitaire.

This design can be a Classic Style consisting of simple lines accentuating the traditional style solitaire ring. The classic style can include any kind of guard which has sleek and clean styles of setting and high polish finishing. Other types of diamond guards can be of an antique or Vintage inspired styling. They may have multiple shapes of diamonds in the settings. Stone shapes include baguettes, tapered baguette in combination with round or princess shaped diamonds. Also, with this type of Gemstone Guard, you will find colored gemstones, usually ruby, sapphire or emerald combinations.

Filigree and Milgrain Guards are very stylish and an elegant way to adorn your engagement ring. Milgrain Guards feature hand created beading. It gives them a truly antique look. The Milgrain typically feature milgrain beads around the edges of the area where the diamonds are set.

Cathedral Guards are the perfect complement to any cathedral style engagement ring. They are made to perfectly accentuate the sleek sloping upward lines that are typical of your Cathedral engagement ring. The cathedral style guard and engagement ring are inspired by the beautiful and graceful church arches, pews and alcoves. The grace and beauty offered in this style of architecture is certainly translated into our Cathedral Guards.

Guards are great to resolve an unmatched ring size with our finger. These are the most conventional solution that many people use when there is a problem such as ring size with a ring that they wish to wear. Fingers size issues are frequent. Guards can resolve the problem of a too-loose fit by encasing your ring to protect the center stone and surrounding metal. The most popular solution is utilizing a guard. This will help to hold the solitaire securely in place. It will fill in the space between, eliminating the slippage on your finger encountered when wearing a solitaire ring.

As you can see, the ring guard has great versatility in both design, styling and function.